Link Guidelines


Please read the following rules before submitting your website:
We do not accept, if your site is adult only material, child pornography, violence, hatred, fraud, selling pirated software, drugs, gambling, betting, an online pharmacy or anything illegal.
Your website will be reviewed and added in to our database within 24 Hrs.

Please add our link to your website first, before you contact us for a link exchange request.
Then send us an email to and we will verify our link, and then add yours. We will let you know as soon as possible
Remember to send us your link information, and the URL where our link resides on your site.


Here is our link and page title:

Add one of these links 

TITLE: Online Shopping Planet
DESCRIPTION: Online shopping made easy from the selection of books, magazines, music, dvds, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes etc.



TITLE: C-Language – Theory With Examples
DESCRIPTION: Overview of c programming language, Theory, tutorial with examples, basic programming in c for beginners…

TITLE: C-Programs with Examples
DESCRIPTION: Program tutorial of C language, easily understandable, with picture of example. Useful to IT Beginners


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